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Black Belt Hall of Fame

Black Belt Hall of Fame

What does it mean to be a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame?

The Black Belt Hall of Fame is unquestionably the highest public accolade that can be bestowed upon a martial artist.

When it was first introduced in 1968, the Black Belt Hall of Fame was the only Martial Arts Hall of Fame around, others have surfaced since then, of course, but Black Belt’s has remained as the leader in terms of stature, integrity and significance.

Since its inception nearly 45 years ago, The Black Belt Hall of Fame has honored more than 200 gifted and devoted individuals for their artistry, technical skill, competitive achievement and ambassadorial longevity.

Alumni of this prestigious and exclusive club have toiled for years to preserve and pass along the history, techniques, and nuances of their particular arts.

The few who are selected each year for the Hall of Fame are chosen for their positive impact, not only on the martial arts community, but on the world at large.

Shihan Dana Abbott was inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame, Weapons Instructor (2004).



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