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A Letter from Tanabe Tetsundo, the founder of Chanbara

chanbara"I dreamed of a venue where swordsmen and other martial artists from East and West could compete safely, fairly, free from injury, cumbersome rules and overprotective gear. This easily adopted concept could be applied universally in gyms, martial art schools and sports centers throughout the world. Up to now, martial artists and swordsmen all over the globe never had the opportunity, nor were they able, to match their special skills and techniques in a single competition.

"Envision a learning center attended by a mixture of combatants embracing European, Middle Eastern, Western, Asian and African martial art styles. Visualize a European epee matched against a Middle Eastern saber both capable of astounding one-handed manipulations. Imagine the Cora fencers of Asia, who are noted for their lightning-quick thrusts, fending off an African Masai tribesman's lance or evading a stick fighter from the Philippines.

"Add to this sublime menu of combatants the traditional Japanese samurai versed in swords, spears and staves and you will discover 'Heaven on earth in one arena'."

Master Tanabe Tetsundo, The Founder of Sports Chanbara and Chairman of the International Sports Chanbara Association

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