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Chanbara . . . is the "Ultimate Physical Game of Chess."

Chanbara: is a revolutionary new martial art/ sport, which is sweeping the United States of America as we speak!

Chanbara: uses safe equipment and lets participants' battle at 100% of their strength, power and capability, without the risk of injury. Now used in 25% of the schools in North America.

Chanbara: keeps the Samurai spirit alive by bringing thousand-year-old techniques into the 21st century.

Chanbara: complements all martial art techniques and styles.

Chanbara: teaches in hours, where traditional polishing techniques take weeks and even months to perfect.

Chanbara: is a member of the Japanese Department of Education/Recreation with over 320,000 combatants strong.

Chanbara: will refine your stroke, stance, breathing, balance, rhythm, speed, and strengthen your confidence.

Fifty years ago Japanese martial artists and sword masters came together and created a training style to accommodate new age 21st Century training methods. The founder, Tanabe Tetsundo and his group of some of the strongest swordsmen in Japan called this new school of thought Goshindo, colloquially known as Sports Chanbara.

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Click on the selections below for additional information on chanbara:

Basic Chanbara Sword Concepts
Chanbara 5 Point Workout
The Three R's of Retention
Chanbara Teaching Overview
Sports Chanbara Overview

Click on the selections below for Tournament Rules and Regulations and ISCA Information:

General Rules and Regulations
ISCA Rule Hand Book
Sparring Rules Summary
Ring Illustration


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