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Shihan Abbott

Goshindo offers a very functional and motivating approach to the age-old art of the Japanese sword. Everything learned can and will be applied directly into practical everyday living. Practicing Goshindo offers insight on how to meld mind and body thus making you more aware of your surroundings and if needed, humble anything in your path. Learn Japanese swordsmanship, focus and consistency through the Toyama and Seitei iaido systems without going to Japan.

Goshindo has 3 divisions:

1) Iaido: The art of drawing the sword. The long sword (Tachi) and the short sword (Kodachi) are studied. The Japanese Imperial Army designed and practiced Toyama-Ryu Iaido.

2) Tameshigiri: The art of severing an object polishes one's sword-cutting skills. These learned techniques are then honed to perfection

3) Kendo/Kenjutsu: The art of fighting and combative sword technique are practiced to perfect rhythm, speed, timing and focus offering a well-rounded education in sword fighting strategy.

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