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IaidoThis course will teach you the "gendai" sword discipline Toyama-Ryu Iaido developed by Japanese military officers to quickly and efficiently instruct the "way of the samurai sword" and the techniques that encompass it. The Toyama-Ryu system contains eight core forms/kata derived from centuries of tradition, protocol and ritual.

The student begins with a wooden bokutou to practice posture, transitions and cutting patterns then advances through various stages of learning to a steel iaito. The usage of the steel blade will further enhance the finer points of sword drawing, cutting and sheathing techniques. Toyama-Ryu offers the student a well-rounded approach and education of the sword. Shihan Abbott also offers instruction in the sword systems listed below.

Reference: The Samurai Sword: Introduction and Application

Nakamura-ryu is an 8-kata series that closely follows the Japanese Military Toyama-Ryu series but puts emphasis on test cutting. These forms, movements and cutting techniques employ the basic 8 patterns called Happo-giri, which imitate the strokes of a calligraphy brush.

Kodachi-Iai employs a set of ten short sword or kodachi kata. These ten solitary short sword forms consist of many gendai (modern) and koryu (classical) movements. Short sword techniques follow the same lines and cutting patterns as most long swords. Kodachi Iai forms were designed to understand the complexity of being ambidextrous with a one-handed short sword.

Seitei Series is a 12 kata series derived from several old koryu schools of iai. Iaido kata are solitary forms in which the practitioner visualizes and defends against one to four imaginary opponents. This Seitei kendo kata series offers a well-rounded education in kneeling and standing sword movements and techniques.


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